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Posted on May 8, 2024

In September 2021 Theo van der Zee and Philip Hall, two LORENZ customers started the userGroup: A forum to discuss issues with docuBridge as well as best practices in using it. There is no doubt that the userGroup was a welcomed initiative as after just over two years, we are happy to have over 350 members representing around 115 companies.


userGroup meetings are held on the second-to-last Tuesday of every month and allow room for members to discuss issues with docuBridge, helpful workarounds, as well as listen to presentations from our LORENZ colleagues.

In 2023 a North American meeting (held every quarter) was added to answer specific questions about the FDA and Health Canada while also enabling our members outside of the European time zone to discuss docuBridge issues at more convenient time, especially for West Coast customers. This has proved successful, and we now welcome over 100 members participate in these sessions.

Also, in 2023 a technical & business admin group, held every quarter, was started to answer the more technical issues encountered with docuBridge, especially installation issues. This has also been well attended with usually around 60 members participating. These meetings are always accompanied by a representative of our technical team, and any questions that can't be immediately answered are referred to Support.

Typically, requests for items to be included on the agenda are sent a week before each meeting. For those unable to participate, all sessions are recorded and uploaded to the team site, usually within 24 hours.

The team site which is hosted by LORENZ includes several useful documents:


  • Meeting recordings since the userGroup’s beginning. An Excel file catalogs each meeting’s topics and includes timestamps to make it easier to find them within the recordings.
  • A folder containing docuBridge user manuals from v21.2.
  • A list of LORENZ’s current templates and latest software releases including known hotfixes.
  • A folder containing docuBridge tips and tricks, created by members for members who can add any of their own tips or tricks to the folder.
  • Information on upcoming sessions and a chance to raise a question beforehand.
  • Forms to request assistance from an expert panel, or for a specific topic to be presented in the next meeting.


The team site also includes documents related to the technical aspects:


  • dB enhancement requests – we share this list with members and its content has pushed enhancements added to both releases in 2023 and in v24.1.
  • Files for issues and solutions for v23.1 and v23.2.


Interested in participating in the docuBridge userGroup?

The docuBridge userGroup is open for anyone who wants to join, regardless of which docuBridge product you use or where you are located. If you are interested in participating, or would like further information, please contact our userGroup founders Philip ( or Theo (


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