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Recap of LORENZ Connect 2024: A Global Gathering of Regulatory Affairs Experts

Posted on April 19, 2024

First and foremost, we want to thank all speakers and attendees who joined this year’s LORENZ Connect 2024! It was a pleasure to witness the gathering of about 500 minds from almost 40 countries around the globe, coming online together to delve into the latest developments and trends shaping the landscape of Regulatory Affairs within the life sciences industry.

The virtual conference, showcasing a diverse array of Regulatory Affairs topics, featured 12 sessions. Hailing from various corners of the globe, spanning from Europe to North America and even reaching as far as China, our speakers shared their expertise with the audience. Among the contributors were representatives from organizations including Health Canada, Pharmalex, DNAnexus, Alkaloid, and DocShifter.

The topics covered during the Connect conference catered to the multifaceted nature of e-regulatory affairs in today's environment, including:

  • The significance of PMS in the EU-IDMP Implementation strategy,
  • The pivotal role of XEVMPD data,
  • Conceptual aspects of Regulatory Affairs and its strategic directions,
  • Development of eCTD standard on the African continent,
  • Updates from Health Canada,
  • Updates on eCTD 4.0,
  • Cloud; chances and challenges for Regulatory Affairs,
as well as exclusive demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of LORENZ’s docuBridge and drugTrack solutions - As the EMA transitions from XEVMP to PMS, it's crucial to be prepared. LORENZ recently introduced a brand-new solution, drugTrack’s PI View Edition. The software’s key features include the ability to ensure data accuracy, simplify verification processes, facilitate data migration to PMS, and offer flexible visualization and reporting options. Connect attendees had the chance to have their first look and get a demo of the product. For more information or to schedule a demo, reach out to our team today.

For those who registered, but were unable to attend the live presentations, the recordings and slide decks of all sessions are available through their personal LORENZ ID platform to ensure that you can catch up on the content at your convenience.

You missed this year’s Connect? Fear not! Stay informed about future LORENZ events and gain exclusive access to information about our upcoming live event, LORENZ Converge, by activating e-mail notifications within your LORENZ ID account. Additionally, don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn to stay on top of the latest updates and opportunities to expand your regulatory knowledge and network with industry professionals.

We look forward to welcoming you to future events as we continue our journey of exploration, collaboration, and innovation.

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