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LORENZ docuBridge ONE
The most desirable eCTD end-user experience on your laptop.

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Version: 19.2

Why LORENZ docuBridge® ONE?

If you simply need a quick and easy solution to produce ad hoc eCTDs look no further! docuBridge ONE is a single-user workstation solution that meets all of the current eCTD requirements. Installed in minutes, you are up and running in no time.

Tried and Tested

docuBridge ONE is built on a robust platform that has in itself been responsible for 100,000s eCTDs around the world - from very small submissions to very large ones of 180GB and more (over 2,000,000 pages in a submission sequence). Whilst easy to use, it is by no means a toy!


Book a slot with our remote sales team to give you a demo! We will run you through a demo that demonstrates how the product works, from compiling a submission to publishing. We will also answer any questions you may have, including how the token system works ("pay-per-publish") and how you can obtain help once you are in production!


docuBridge Token


Providing fair access to a professional eCTD compilation tool is a challenge. This is why we opted for a "Pay-per-Publish" model. This means that if you publish many submissions and many sequences you pay more than someone who publishes just a few. This makes it particularly easy to account for in budget planning.


Review Electronic Submissions

Major regulatory agencies use docuBridge to review electronic submissions in eCTD format. With docuBridge ONE you receive a single workstation solution with the same user interface like the agency review system.


Getting Help

When you are under time pressure to adhere to your deadlines, it is comforting that you can easily schedule live support sessions to answer any questions you may have. You will be in control of the schedule and thus you will know when your queries may be resolved. Live support credits can be purchased in our online store, but you will receive a free live support credit with your first purchase - just so we can make sure you are ready to go!

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"docuBridge ONE is an ideal eCTD solution for small, medium and state owned life science companies, since it is intuitive to use and reasonably priced. We were able to prepare a complete registration dossier (new submission, variations, responses) with relative ease and without the need to purchase additional software." National Centre for Nuclear Research, Radioisotope Centre POLATOM

"At the University of Michigan, we required an affordable submission management solution within a short time frame. With docuBridge ONE and the submission tokens from the LORENZ online store, we were quickly up and running with a proven, nimble, and cost-effective eCTD solution." E Mitchell Seymour, PhD, RAC, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research

"DocuBridge One has provided an affordable platform to transition to electronic DMF submissions. With the docuBridge ONE package, the software license, the tokens, the eValidator, and the technical support provided all combine to provide an easily implemented e-filing solution which makes electronic filing surprisingly simple." Dr. John Polta, Vice President, Reliable Biopharmaceutical Corp.

System Requirements

LORENZ docuBridge ONE runs on a minimal environment. Everything will be installed upon setup.

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What you get with your purchase:

  • A license to run your software on a dedicated machine and a publishing token to get you started.
  • FREE eLearning modules to help you use the product and create your first eSubmission
  • One live support issue credit to use whenever you need additional help
  • Access to quick reference guides, FAQs and technical support

LORENZ eValidator Package

Use the free-of-charge:
LORENZ eValidator™ Basic

The multi-region eCTD validator that is used by 1,000s of companies around the world, as well as a number of regulatory agencies.

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