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Seamless RIM Experience

Looking for a seamless RIM experience? With LORENZ you can combine exactly the solutions and capabilities you need so you can build your personal RIM solution.

Experience what makes our solution seamless

seamless workflow experience
Simplify your workflow

Profit from a seamless experience in your workflow with integrated business capabilities. For example, you can receive a visual overview of the planned submissions from the LORENZ Dashboard and drill down into the connected Regulatory Activities with all the relevant information. From there you can take a deep dive into the submissions to manage application content, structure, metadata, and also locate specific documents. This also works the other way around: You can always check the status of a regulatory activity via the respective sequences.

Access everything you need in one place

Take advantage of the LORENZ Menu where all your LORENZ capabilities can be found, enabling you to jump into the capabilities you need in the blink of an eye.

single point of access
unified user interface
Experience consistent design through all your workflows

Benefit from a cohesive user interface among various LORENZ business capabilities which makes it easier for you to find your way around the solution.

Know not just the submissions that are approved, but also which documents are approved by the regulators

View the content of all submissions that are linked to the approved Regulatory Activities of the respective Marketing Authorisations to check your latest approved dossier in the respective country. This ensures that users of the LORENZ RIM solution easily know which documents are currently approved for a product in a certain country.

documents approved by regulators
visualize your data
Visualize your data to get a clear picture of your daily tasks and boost your productivity

Visualize your data with the LORENZ Dashboard to have targeted, real-time information easily shareable within your organization for greater data transparency. For example, you can get an overview of your global product portfolio distribution, Regulatory Activities by status, upcoming planned tasks of specific teams such as a manufacturer change, and the number of planned submissions.

Easy administration

Ensure cost and time efficient administration of users and licenses. Users are managed centrally for all capabilities and can be integrated into existing Azure accounts and/or single-sign-in solutions. Furthermore, the LORENZ RIM user license structure covers all LORENZ business capabilities. No need to purchase different user licenses for different capabilities! In addition to that, you can manage your controlled vocabularies centrally and use them within the LORENZ capabilities.

efficient centralized administration
CV management
Keep your data consistent and avoid duplicates

Harmonize data effortlessly with LORENZ RIM and ensure consistency in preferred terms. Stay up-to-date with CV lists from external parties such as agencies (e.g. EMA's lists for OMS & RMS) with automated updates and easily switch between different controlled vocabulary lists or import and export your CVs with ease across environments.

Seamless experience even with third-party integration & fully integrated into your existing environment

Create your perfect RIM solution that fits your needs by benefiting from full flexibility as LORENZ solutions work flawlessly with third-party software. We offer standard connectors to 18 systems in more than 33 versions and non-standard connections via universal data connector and multiple connections are possible in parallel. This is especially handy if you are dealing with multiple repositories which you need to connect to.

third party

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