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Lorenz userBridge Conference

LORENZ userBridge.20 Conference

From: 15 Sep 2020 | To: 17 Sep 2020 | Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch
Graf-zu-Ysenburg-und-Büdingen Platz 1
63263 Neu-Isenburg

Connecting e-Regulatory Affairs Professionals

This annual conference attracts LORENZ customers, partners and other regulatory professionals for two and a half days of presentations, networking and exchange of ideas. Learn, discuss and interact with industry and agency professionals!

Conference Registration   

15-17 September 2020.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Preferred room rate at conference venue

Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch
Graf-zu-Ysenburg-und-Büdingen Platz 1
63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany


If you prefer to stay at another hotel, view our list of alternative accommodations here.


The annual LORENZ user conference is one of the most educational events in e-regulatory affairs globally,
bringing together both industry and agency perspectives in one gathering.

LORENZ userBridge is more than just a forum for customers to learn where LORENZ is heading. The conference has become an annual occasion for anyone interested in the digitization of regulatory affairs.

Whether the topic is new regulatory guidelines, pitfalls with change management or the view from regulatory agencies, userBridge is synonymous with education and information exchange on the highest level. The event also offers an ideal setting for doing business. LORENZ partners can make contacts in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying ample time to discuss skill sets and key success factors.

Previous conferences held in: Frankfurt/Main, Germany (2003) | Munich, Germany (2004) | Vienna, Austria (2005) | Berlin, Germany (2006) | Nice, France (2007) | Lisbon, Portugal (2008) | Warsaw, Poland (2009) | Frankfurt/Main, Germany (2010) | Turin, Italy (2011) | Dublin, Ireland (2012) | Budapest, Hungary (2013) | Milano, Italy (2014) | Vienna, Austria (2015) | Hamburg, Germany (2016) | Nice, France (2017) | Prague, Czech Republic (2018) | Athens, Greece (2019)

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