LORENZ eSolutions Portfolio

authorBridge LORENZ authorBridge

authorBridge is a complete set of eCTD, IND and CTA/IMPD templates. It comes pre-formatted, with section by section instructions to assist writers.

docuBridge LORENZ docuBridge

docuBridge is the most established system for small, medium and large companies as well as regulatory agencies to compile, publish and review electronic submissions. Submission formats include CTD, eCTD, NeeS, VNeeS, and more.

docuBridge LORENZ docuBridge ONE

The most desirable eCTD end-user experience on your laptop. If you simply need a quick and easy solution to produce ad hoc eCTDs look no further! docuBridge ONE is a single-user workstation solution that meets all of the current eCTD requirements. Installed in minutes, you are up and running in no time.

docuRender LORENZ docuRender

docuRender was developed to alleviate the burden of non-compliant PDFs. It is a server-based PDF rendering engine used in conjunction with docuBridge.

drugTrack LORENZ drugTrack

drugTrack is a versatile, low-footprint multi-user system to manage all your regulatory activities. Spreadsheet-free registration management has finally arrived! Includes a module to comply with the EMA EVMPD & evolving IDMP requirements.

eValidator LORENZ eValidator

eValidator is the world's most complete multi-region eValidator - available as a free version as well as a professional version. For eCTD, NeeS, PDF Analysis and more!

iSubmit LORENZ iSubmit

Creating structure from unstructured document collections. This tool can be used on its own, or can be used as a mechanism to import unstructured content into LORENZ docuBridge.

labeklBridge LORENZ labelBridge

labelBridge is a comprehensive browser-based Structured Product Label (SPL) document authoring and management solution, supporting FDA SPL R4 Drug Listings, as well as providing for the data entry and maintenance of SPL-based Establishment Registration forms and NDC Labeler Code Request forms.